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Parties and Celebrations

Through the dialogue with you, we are able to create the party to suit your needs, we also offer you consultancy.

Bearing in mind the fact that if the event would be celebrated in a not commertial space, we would add the rent of the necessary material to the budget: tents, furniture....the same thing would happen with a thematic party; roman, hippie, 60´s, 70´s, 80´s, white party, cowboy party, etc.


In your house, rented place, restaurants and discos´ prive, all kinds of ships, outdoors, on the beach... with deejay´s, entertainers, thematic or simple.

 We study the client´s needs as well as the type of guests whom it is directed, guaranteeing this way, that your party will be a personal and unforgettable event for all. Of course, adapting our proposals to any kind of budget.

 Also, in case of no possesing enough social relations in the island, we can offer you a public relations´service, where we would be able to select the guests more adapted to your event from our wide mailing, in order to obtain a good result.


 We deal with both gay weddings and heterosexual, civil or ecclesiastic weddings. We deal with all the legislative procedure, we provide the judge and proceed with the necessary documents. We propose you a wonderful wedding, wherever you want it: in a ship, a catamaran, on the beach, etc. We deal with the decoration, the invitations, accommodation, the transport, the catering and anything that you may need.

 If you want an ecclesiastic wedding, we solve both the legislative procedure and the coordination with the church that you have chosen. If you have decide on a civil wedding, we deal also with the whole legislative procedure, providing you the judge and procceding with the necessary documents.

We deal with the decoration, invitations, accommodation both for the bride and groom, as well as for the guests, the transport, the catering, make up, hairdresser´s...anything you need.


In your house, rented place, restaurants and discos´ prive, all kinds of ships, on the beach, with deejay´s, entertainers, thematic or simple...

 Bearing in mind the customer demands and needs, we guarantee an event with personality, unforgettable for all.

 We can also take charge of the decoration, invitations, guests´ accommodation, transport, catering... always fitted to your budget.


Meetings,company´s lunch or dinner, in a rented place for the occasion, restaurans, etc. Enjoying shows, music or just concluding the event at a disco´s prive or at a trendy bar.